Monday, 31 August 2009

Lying on my sofa surfing the net today looking at fashion. I know I am not the only one tired of trying to find clothes suitable for everyday grown up wear. I don't want to look like a 25 year old (well I do, but that's not the point). I want to look like a 42 year old who wears great clothes that suit her. Why don't the fashion industry cotton on to this?

Anyhoo, this blog is going to be dedicated to fabulous grown up chicks, who shop on the high street and love fashion. Women who live a regular life that platform shoes don't agree with.

Today I have been looking at I have my eye on a couple of pairs of shoe boots. I don't want them too high because I will end up moaning about my feet and they will sit in the wardrobe category of 'shoes that look great but feel awful'.

ASOS TRANSFIX Suede Circle Striped Shoe Boot

£55 from

I am really loving these but I have a feeling that I wouldn't enjoy wearing them that much
$99 from

We shall see.

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