Thursday, 3 September 2009

4" all day

Yay, today I suffered for style and managed to wear my 4" heels all-day-long. Today looked quite grey, winter is coming so I am feeling excited. New styles to think about, winter clothes to take down from the loft. Today is the first day that I have worn tights for ages and I felt compelled to wear high heels. One of my colleagues asked me if I had done modelling before as I walked like a model. I think she was referring to my 'horse walk' as I struggled to correct my posture. Nevertheless, I will be positive and take the compliment!

I hear that heels are out this season and flats are making a comeback. Personally, I can't see it taking on. I still think there are outfits when only heels will do

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  1. Hi there-wow, you're very brave with the heels, I so wish I could wear them regularly, I've a good few pairs, but chicken out and end up wearing comfy flats, LOL!! Thanks for stopping by, I'll add you to my blogroll too!!