Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dover charity shops

Charity shops in London are a bit hit and miss.  The best ones know it and re-invent themselves into vintage shops, others lately are always a bit of a disappointment.  I have been banging on about driving out of London and hitting some charity shops for months.  I felt so inspired by Sharon Rose thrifting that I took a trip down to Dover on Friday afternoon.  When I logged on on Saturday morning,  I was thrilled to see that Sharon had given me an award - a circle of friends award.  I promised that I would upload pics of my purchases so here goes.

I started in off in Bromley and popped into Sue Ryder Cancer Shop and managed to pick up the following items.

Black Marabou Feather Jacket from River Island 9.99 still tagged at £44.99.  I had been looking at Net-a-porter and seen a Phillip Lim sequin backed one for £1800 which was sold out!!!  There was also a Vanessa Bruno jacket reduced to £305 which is exactly the same.  I will be putting this one up for sale on ebay

I bought these M&S Limited Collection shoes for £4.00 - nice chunky heel, fit nicely but un-decided if I will keep these or sell them on.

In Dover there were probably around 10 charity shops in the Town Centre, which was really small.   My partner was with me so I felt a little guilty as I was wading through rails whilst he was waiting patiently.

Red dress £1.49 to sell

The black wooden necklace was a previous buy at £1.50
Vintage Gina Bacconi three colour sequin dress - reminded me of a mermaid, £5.00 to sell.

Girls Kenzo dress to sell 25p

Lady Hathaway vintage style shirtdress £2.99 I haven't tried this on but I may keep it if it suits me.

A diamante brooch -  £2.00 which is definitely a keeper.

A pair of vintage white gloves, I bought these for £1.50.  A few weeks ago I went to a 'Rat Pack' party and I ended up buying a really cheap looking pair of white gloves for £6.  I had decided that these can stay in my drawer because you never know when you might need a pair!

I saw this and thought it was really cute and that it would look great hanging in my daughter's room.  It was £1.25

I thought I did pretty well for one outing.

I also popped into Primark this week to pick up some tights and socks for the kids.  Primark are doing 80 denier black tights now which is great.  Last year I was wearing two pairs of 40 denier to get the right effect.  I also bought this studded bangle which I am loving, it is wooden and cost £2.50.  Malene Birger has two on Net-a-porter for £70.  Apart from the fact the Malene has the two, can you really tell the difference.

All together, not a bad week.  Overall, I thought the shops in Dover were great and definitely worth a visit.  I am going to try and take in Folkestone and Canterbury sometime soon.  Anyway, have a great Sunday evening, mummy duties call, I am off to iron school uniforms.


  1. You got some great stuff and I live in Kent but never go into Charity Shops! I love those Malene Birger bangles and I have to confess, but don't tell anyone, the Primark one!

  2. Hi there-wow, you certainly did do well, I love the river island jacket and the kenzo dress, what fabulous bargains!! I do love the Primark bangle, next time I'm in town, I'll have to load up with some of their accessories, I am a fan of them too!

  3. You found some fantastic bits!
    The brooch is gorgeous, I would defo keep that one.
    I love charity shops, we have lots in our small town. The great thing is that there are some complete bargains to be had as I don't think anyone running them knows any of the brand names!
    Although maybe I shouldn't say that, is is for charity after all!

  4. Wow, you did brilliantly - loving that marabou thingy x