Monday, 28 September 2009

GIVe and Mint Velvet affordable luxury fashion

I read an article yesterday about a new womens store - GIVe by George Davies.  New stores open from 1st October and I believe the Regent Street store opens tonight.

The new brand is meant be affordable luxury for women who want to purchase something they really love, the finest fabrics, expert service and George wants us to enjoy shopping again.  Apparently in his stores, there will be one of each garment on display and the sales advisors will bring out your size from discreet wardrobes behind the rails.  There will be shoes of varying heights for you to try so you don't have to imagine what the garment would look like with heels.  A team of tailors will be available to adjust garments to fit and sizing will be in roman numerals, which explains the name of the store.  Apparently the style advisors are going to be style advisors, helpful, knowledgeable and not look down their noses if your face doesn't fit.

It's an interesting concept, the clothes look really nice and are certainly suitable for over 30s without being boring.  It seems really well thought out and I am really looking forward to taking in the experience of the store and seeing if it really does make a difference.

Another new label for over 30s is Mint Velvet.  This brand has been set up by three women who want to give us affordable fashion.  Apparently they are all working mums who were frustrated by the lack of clothes that they could wear for the school run and still look a little dressed up.

This label looks really cool, they are due to launch mid October, in  some House of Fraser stores, boutiques and online.  I am loving this dress, can't wait to see it up close. You can sign up for updates on their website


  1. Hi there-thanks for sharing, I do love the skirt from GIVe, really gorgeous!!

  2. GIVe will be interesting especially the service and advice! I've trained one of them...
    Mint Velvet looks interesting too

  3. I am looking forward to visiting my local store in Liverpool. As someone who is small and curvy it can be a nightmare to get a good fit. I will certainly be saving up my pennies.

  4. Love the Mint Velvet name, makes me think of After Eights or other delicous after dinner mints! Clothes look great too!