Monday, 14 September 2009

Lemon and White Chocolate Tart

So much for my sewing plans.  Yesterday evening I ironed something like 12 shirts, two pairs of school trousers, a school skirt, jumper, PE kit.  I then darned a hole in a pair of suit trousers, sorted my clothes for work had a shower flopped down to eat some dessert.  My partner and I watched a little catch up TV on Saturday and watched 'Britain's Best Dish'.  He decided to make the Lemon and White Chocolate Tart.  Twas a beautiful thing. 

He served it with a strawberry coulis and strawberries on the side.  I sprinkled it with a little coconut and tucked in.  It was so good, I did it twice.  After that I was finished for evening.  The recipe is here

I need to roll over the sewing until next week and I must stop eating desserts!  I have resisted eating the last piece this evening, despite the fact that my nephew is sitting on the sofa with me, discussing how good the pastry case tastes.

I read an interesting article recently about Jay Hunt's gastric bypass surgery.  She lost five stone in a year.  Jay is a fashion stylist and tv presenter.

Jay Hunt

It's a really interesting article.  I used to run a slimming class for a well known organisation and am always impressed  with a great weight loss.  I have recently noticed a couple of women at work who have lost a significant amount of weight over a relatively short period.  When I have asked how they lost the weight, both said they had just stopped eating crap and joined the gym.  One had lost three stone the other four stone over nine months.   

Even in my slimming class days, my members that achieved anything close to that type of weight loss worked really hard. Given the weight loss Jay Hunt achieved with such extreme surgery  - is it easy to lose this amount of weight by just eating healthily and attending the gym regularly?  Or do we women collude in making out losing weight is easy.  I would be interested to hear your views 


  1. Oh interesting subject. I'm a all things in moderation person, which is hard work when you want to scoff lots or not do anything!

    But it does pay off as I'm healthy, happy and have remained slim. I don't take it for granted and know it is difficult in this day and age to make the effort.

    The tart looks fab!

  2. Hi there-wow, I wish I could cook a tart like that, I just never seem to have the inclination or time unfortunately!! Have a nice week!

  3. Hi there!! Just to let you know there is an award to collect from me!! have a great weekend!!